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Are You Ready?


Here is what you will need:

  1. A Car Menorah and three light bulbs, two for the second night and one for the Shamesh. Need a Menorah? The Talmidim Hashluchim will be selling car Menorahs at a reduced cost of $100 per car Menorah. If you would like to order a more expensive car Menorah please visit: or
  2. Install the Menorah on your car. If you require assistance doing so, please come by the Yeshiva and the Bochurim will be available to help you mount your menorah on your car. They will be available at K’hal Tzemach Tzedek, 2 Langeries Drive.

Line Up

The parade will take place on second night of Chanukah, Wednesday, Chof Hey Kislev, December 13th, 2017.

Line-up will be at 5:30 PM at K’hal Tzemach Tzedek Lubavitch located at 2 Langeries Drive, Monsey, NY 10952. All vehicles should enter through Crestview Terrace and make a left on Soland. There will be no entrance to Langeries Drive. The parade is scheduled to depart at 6:00 PM sharp, so please arrive at 5:30 PM so that the parade can depart promptly.

As required by the Police Department for safety reasons, and as a courtesy to the shul’s neighbors, please follow these guidelines so that this parade is a true Kiddush Hashem:

  • During line-up please make sure that your car is pulled over to the side of the road to allow traffic to pass through.
  • During lineup please do not block any driveways or side streets.
  • To help identify your vehicle as a parade participant please keep your 4-way flashers (hazards) on for line-up and for the entire duration of the parade.


The Parade



The Event

Menorah Lighting

From the time Chazal instituted the Mitzvah of kindling the Menorah, the objective has been to publicize the nes of Chanukah to the outside, illuminating the world around us. The Menorah is expected to be placed in the open “על פתח ביתו מבחוץ”.


Chassidus Explains that the light of the Chanukah Menorah is even stronger than that of the Beis Hamikdash, possessing the unique power to overcome and ultimately transform the darkness of galus with Hashem’s infinite light.


But it would take more than two thousand years for this goal to be truly realized, when the Rebbe’s mivzta Chanukah actually brought the light of the Menorah to the public domain.


Join our public Menorah lighting and YOU can be part of  spreading the light!

The event will start with the twelve Pesukim and words of Chizuk. Then the Menorah will be lit accompanied by music and dancing. We will be serving hot latkes, doughnuts, and hot drinks.

The Gizmo Guys

The highlight of the event will be the famous Gizmo Guys Peformance.


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