Tuition Contract

Tuition Contract

  • Please be sure to complete the application form. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Tuition for 5781 for out of town student (includes 10 month program): $16,000.

    Tuition for 5781 for in town student (includes 10 month program): $13,000.

    For financial or tuition assistance please contact the office (phone: 845-548-4026, Email: [email protected]).

    Mikvah Fee: $250. Ohel fee: $125. Security deposit: $200
    Please read terms and details about these payments in your Registration Packet Cover Letter.

  • Payment Plan:

    I will make the following tuition payments for the 5781 school year:
    (Please check one of the following payment plans)
    Please contact office before selecting 'Other'.
  • Payment:

  • Please note: we will need your credit card information on file even if you choose "CHECK" as your method of payment. In the event of a bounced check or delayed payment the Mesivta reserves the right to charge your credit card.
  • Agreement:

    I hereby understand that the Yeshiva and its staff members rely financially, to a great degree, on timely tuition payments. The Yeshiva cannot be expected to function properly without parents partnering in the Chinuch of their children. The Yeshiva reserves the right to cancel registration of a student for lack of payment. A $35 fee will be imposed for returned checks.
    I also understand that should my son leave school for any reason prior to the end of the school year, voluntarily or involuntarily, I am still responsible for the full agreed upon tuition. This shall not apply if the Yeshiva finds a replacement student.
  • Please Note: Your son’s space in Yeshiva is not reserved until we receive the completed tuition contract together with the post-dated checks and/or credit card info.

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